Friday, 17 April 2015


Well its been some time since I've put fingers to keyboard here on my blog, It seems I have suffered writers block or just become lazy. Probably the latter!

So what shall we talk about?

How about what makes us happy? If like me you work far to hard all week and end up dog tired at the end of the day, finding time to be happy gets a tad difficult. My normal route is to buy happiness! a little spending spree bring a little bit of joy into my life especially if my treasures are pretty clothes or sparkly trinkets. I am something of a Magpie if it sparkles I must have it,

Sadly the shopping trips are tinged with disappointment as cloth sizing is a hit or miss affair. One outlets size 16 will be just right while another's would be closer a size 12 this makes me sooooo angry why oh why can't the fashion industry stay true to sizing? if its a 12 here it should be the same there! OK I live in a fantasy world.

As luck would have it I get over this minor problem as can be seen by some of the following photos.

This dress was a nice little find and a cheep one at that. Most days I will pop into one of the many supermarkets we have here in the UK to have a look around the clothes department. Last week It was the turn of Asda to have a visit. While most of what was on display wasn't really me this little number above most certainly was and cost only £18, How amazing is that? to my surprise the fit and quality was very good. the shoes I had sitting around waiting for such a dress to be teamed with :-)

This dress on the other hand was a totally different story Being the same size as the black and white dress you would expect it to fit and being a phase eight item you would think it would be far superior to a supermarket item. Wrong!  the fit was poor being to tight and the construction was not great with lose threads and odd seams. all in all a disappointment as they didn't have the next size up. Still it is a pretty dress but not worth the £160 asking price.

Now this dress almost went home with me and I so wish it had ! not only was the fit good but it was also very well made. the dress fitted really well and was comfortable to wear. I think it helped that the sales lady in Laura Ashley was just amazing and so helpful making me feel very special. and the dress was a snip at £80 down from £120 but being poor at the time it had to stay in the shop.
The big thing that came out of my little shopping trip was that Laura Ashley turned out to be way ahead in customer service and quality of goods at a reasonable price for top end high street  goods.


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  2. You look nice in the dresses especially the LA Dress - may be with a little time, patience and little luck, the dress may still be on the rail at the right price! Keep watching. Please to hear of the good customer service too. ;-) I must admit though the B&W dress is a bargain and looking nice on you. xx