Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Well here i am

Well like the title suggests here I am!

You will find out more about me once I start posting, This is basically a window into my life, how I feel, what I like and pretty much anything that interests me.
With luck my daughter will show case some of her makeover and fashion skills using me as a model.
our aim is to become a reference point for other like minded people so expect some off the wall idea
So this is me I am Helen just an ordinary person with an extraordinary life! A life that was given to me by nature and not like some think a choice of my own.
I took this photo not to long ago the theme was western saloon Goth girl or as I am a little older than a girl Goth woman lol, Ok so the Goth part wasn't very successful but the saloon girl worked out well.
I do like the old fashion romantic look, Long flowing skirts  a flouncy blouse all accessorised with pretty trinkets bows and ribbons. and of course a nice pair of shoes.

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