Tuesday, 16 September 2014

When is short too short

Hiya all

I was facing bit of a dilemma the other night over if I should wear a dress I have that is well a tad short!
Its not what you would call tarty or racy, but it is very short and when you are forty five like I am! has the time come to say good bye to these dresses? Something seem to happen to woman when the hem of her skirt or dress is way above the knee. It seems we become some kind of object of desire I really don't know why for nothing changes other than our legs are displayed for all to see.
The casual onlooker makes an opinion that the woman is free and easy and looking for a good time. when in all truth we are just wearing an item that makes us feel good about ourselves!

At my age I suppose dressing to my generation would be an idea but how dull that could be! and what is the fashion for my age group?

Its not like the Jane Austin's day when it was all laid out for the women of the day, everything was set in stone and the law should never be broken.

Now We shop in places like New Look, River Island and Top shop! these should be the safe haven of the trendy teenager but now we have taken this territory as ours lol,

It wouldn't be unusual to see a teenagers mum wearing the same outfit as her daughter and this brings us back to am I too old to wear a short dress?


Well here is the little number in question I don't think its too bad at all really yes its a bit shorter than I would normally wear and OK if the wind got up it could be somewhat embarrassing but does that in all truth matter after all it make someone's day!

I suppose I could just stay with the long maxi dress look more befitting a middle aged woman


  1. Well you know my motto, If you've got it flaunt it.

    Anyway who makes these rules.

    C x

  2. A good question, Helen! I'm 54 and tend to err on the side of conservative hem lengths. However, opaque tights means that should I really wish to go short then I can. It's always an individual choice and one that is influenced by a range of considerations especially the type of occasion and what other women will be wearing.

    Best regards
    Pamela xxx

  3. Shame not to show off legs like that....
    Nice dress.

  4. Helen you still young enough to wear something short. sarahj