Thursday, 11 August 2016

Going all retro without knowing

Its about time I updated this, I am sure its been over a year how bad is that?

Well the journey continues and the road ahead still looks pretty clear with no pot holes to fall into.

Over the past year I have noticed my look switching backwards and forwards from my normal everyday Helen hippy girl next door to 50s house wife!!! I am really not sure when I started going retro it sort of just happened. One day I woke up with a silly idea in my air head that it would be fun to be the picture perfect house wife from days gone by.

Here you see me taking it easy as only a lady of leisure can sitting upon the lawn wearing a rather gorgeous fit and flare 50s inspired dress from Quiz teamed with a white full petticoat and bolero jacket and don't forget those timeless T bar shoes.
Yep a real pain to walk on grass with.  

Not sure how or why I got into this style as its so far removed from the time periods I grew up in, I should really be more a girl from the late 70s and 80s.
I suppose its the whole glamour puss image we had fed to us over time The exported American dream of big cars, massive fridges and perfect Barbie doll women. The media view of the period very much made the woman into a domestic goddess although this was far from reality.

Can you imagine doing all the cooking and cleaning dressed like this and still looking perfect for hubby as he walks through the door?
Still the fantasy is well worth experiencing. That is wearing pretty clothes and not being at the beck and call of your partner.
Something about this style makes you feel so really feminine and its not just a trans thing either!
My partner who only wears dresses and skirts and doesn't own a pair of trousers has embraced the who retro look and loves it, She has even taken to wearing these styles to work and it has changed her whole self view for the better.

 For me the style just works so well for my body shape it gives me curves in all the right places. A nice waist that leads to slightly curvy hips then down to rather shapely legs if I do say so myself.
Head north from the waist the bodice accentuates my not so small assets and this helps to give the illusion that I am indeed a woman.

This is one of my favourite dresses the colour and material really reacts well to the lighting in a room as can be seen in this photo,

So would I wear this kind of style out in public?

Ok yes I would but maybe not as over the top as the dresses above and maybe not with a full petticoat even though saying that both myself and my partner did take to the shops in Manchester with me wearing the above dress where I am sat on the lawn and she wore a pink halter neck full skirted dress also with petticoats. we both got some wonderful comments on our turn out.

This is more what I would wear just for going out in. It still has that retro feel and still makes me feel great about myself.
So it seems the retro bug has bitten and the look is here to stay for some time.


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  1. Gorgeous frocks, and some impressive cleavage there too. Jealous on both counts.