Wednesday, 22 March 2017

the troube with trousers

The trouble with trousers

In todays modern world it has become more acceptable to see women wearing trousers or trouser derived items such as leggings , Capri pants and such like. The reason given is normally that it offers the wearer comfort, freedom of movement and protection from unwanted attention.

For me I can sort off understand this argument being a wearer of trousers for most of my life. However I do think this fashion has taken some of the mystique away from women and mad them more acceptable as one of the lads so to speak.

Not sure this is a good thing partly because I feel that familiarity with guys means that the respect men have for women has changed to the more negative. I will explain.

Years ago men looked at females as people who needed to be looked after and cherished (I know an old fashioned view) men were the knights in shinning armour opening doors. giving up seats, being polite in female company and such like. Yes I know some men were pigs and treated women as second class citizens.

With the equality with men in fashion it has spawned an equality in society too. Men respect women if they can drink a guy under the table or they swear like a trooper .men think it is ok to make rude and lewd comments to girls. this in turn has given rise to a lost respect for those women who still like the old values.

Now I do wear a lot of dresses I prefer them over skirts and jeans and I can see how I am treated differently according to what I am wearing.

For example if I wear a something like I am wearing in the image on the left. I get treated in a an old fashioned way men will open doors, smile engage with me. women are also more amicable towards me once they have got past the "what the heck is she wearing" thoughts.

When I dressed more like I am in these photos I get treated totally differently. its like I become invisible doors are left to close in my face no one makes eye contact and if I am struggling with something people just walk on by. Even shop keepers look straight through me.
 Not that I dislike this kind of look

Over the past few months I have been wearing jeans and leggings a lot more often and even went out for an evening with some friends where I wore a leggings and an off the shoulder top and I have to say it probably one of those occasions when I felt super feminine .

So The trouble with trousers could really just be in my head.